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What can we help you with?

We can help manage and mitigate occupational safety risks, increase productivity, optimize and reduce operational cost, by maximizing the use of novel drone technologies and by putting them to the service of the Swiss Agro, Construction, Technology and Manufacturing Industries.

All this while promoting a Sustainable world for future generations.

Data Capture

We have the professional equipment needed to cover your data capture needs: from High Resolution cameras to Thermal Imagery equipment.

Data Processing

We aim to cover your data processing demands with a vast range of data processing tools. We can deliver from High Quality Pictures and Videos, all the way up to 3D point cloud projections and the full range of photogrammetry work.
Moreover, your processed data can be manipulated for further analysis to suit your needs.

Data Analysis

We can support your needs for data analysis and information with the utilization of AI algorithms and well- developed imagery interpretation tools.
This will provide you with preliminary data reports to help support further interpretation and decision making tasks.

Data Reporting

With the data captured we can prepare valuable information that can be reported in different ways: from RAW picture files to 2D, 3D models & points of cloud, as well as actionable data sets (CAD files) to facilitate measurements, perform inspections, damage evaluation and a vast range of other studies.

our features

A great team

We are a great team of professionals ready to assist and support your projects. We are continuously training in the different areas we operate in, in order to provide the best service to our clients.


Our company will acquire, if not already in our files, the accreditations, permits and certifications required to perform the mandates our clients entrust us with.

Fit4Purpose Equipment

We are equipped with the right drone technology tools for the task, ensuring high accuracy and reliability of our captured data.

Speed and responsiveness

Our team of experts will work to ensure we understand your needs and will address your request in the most expedited way. We will work hard to deliver your mandate and respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Rest assured that: We will never compromise on quality.

Easy to use interface

We aim to provide Affordable and Easy access to Drone technologies by understanding and integrating our customer's needs and by maximizing the use of our assets.
Our processes are designed to facilitate the interaction with our clients.

Socially engaged

We strive to support our communities by providing services and engaging our team in local activities and organizations.

Above all, we operate under


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