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Our passion for Aero technologies led us to believe that we can make a positive difference in the world and in our immediate environment by utilizing Drones, and their vast range of applications, to the service of Swiss enterprises.

We are a Swiss company composed of a team of citizens of the world aiming to promote and use Drone technology to reduce environmental impact in the Agro, commercial and Industrial environments.

Switzerland is being recognized as the capital of the Drone Industry and offers a great platform for exploiting this Drone technology to the service of our Swiss enterprises.

Therefore, our company is engaged to provide Accessible and Affordable Drone Solutions to our Construction, Agro, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Transformation Industries, as well as to our governmental institutions and NGO’s.

We strive to exploit technology to help mitigate and/or reduce occupational risks for professionals and employees performing dangerous task during inspection activities.

We are committed to help our clients to reduce cost, optimize time and inspection performance while maximizing the benefits of Drone technology utilization.

We implement Swiss quality standards to ensure the operations are performed in accordance with local regulations, and also ensuring the safety and integrity of our personnel, making sure they have the right equipment for the task and the appropriate training to generate valuable and meaningful data to our clients.

“If you want to make a difference in this world you need to create and enable positive change in your environment ……   this will lead to a better world for our future generations”

Javier Perez

Helyxis CEO - Founder

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